Project deliverables

Below you can find links to the INTERTWinE project deliverables produced by the technical work packages (WP3-WP5).

Deliverables for WP3: Programming Model Interoperability

This initial requirements analysis informed the direction of work at the project outset. It describes the status of the programming models addressed by the project, with particular attention to known interoperability issues already identified by the relevant standards bodies and/or developer teams. It then provides details of known pairwise interoperability issues between programming models, and identifies for each case any areas which INTERTWinE is capable of addressing.

Deliverables for WP4: Resource Management and Runtime Interoperability

Within the context of INTERTWinE, the Resource Manager will play a key role in enabling interoperability between the APIs and libraries involved in the project and beyond, by ensuring coordinated usage of hardware resources. This document presents a survey of the current resource usage patterns of the project runtime systems and libraries. It presents some relevant use cases, details potential issues that may arise from such use cases, and lists requirements from the Resource Manager to address or mitigate these issues.

Deliverables for WP5: Applications and Kernels

This document presents a first plan of the applications/kernels in combination with their initial evaluation and benchmark suite releases for use by WP3 and WP4. These initial releases of applications/kernels will be key to evaluating new or enhanced interoperability features that are made available in the respective runtime implementations. For each application/kernel, the document gives a brief introduction, describes the current state for the use case from the point of view of API combination, confirms the ambition plans with respect to API combination within the scope of INTERTWinE, and reviews the benchmarks and evaluation plans. There is also a summary of software (benchmark) release plans, focusing on the API combinations.

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