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Hybrid parallel programming

INTERTWinE is committed to helping application developers write scalable code for the world’s largest supercomputers, by combining existing parallel programming models within a single application (hybridisation) to future-proof applications for next-generation HPC systems.

While combining MPI ( and basic OpenMP ( is quite common practice nowadays, the INTERTWinE project extends the concept of hybrid programming to other programming models. The work ranges from improving the interfaces of individual programming models, providing best practice guides and courses on the current state-of-the-art, up to developing software components to improve interoperability, such as the Directory/Cache service and the Resource Manager.

We have produced a set of INTERTWinE Resource Packs to help developers create efficient and effective, capability-scale applications by combining the most popular and robust parallel programming languages and libraries—either to enhance existing (perhaps, MPI-only) software or for new projects.

The following Resource Packs are currently available:

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Last updated: 11 Nov 2018 at 16:57