Project publications

The results arising from the INTERTWinE project have been published in a number of different ways: through our Best Practice Guides, journal publications, conference talks and posters, and project deliverables. We have also produced a White Paper on an Applications Workshop. Links to all of these are provided below.

Best Practice Guides

INTERTWinE is producing a series of Best Practice Guides, focusing on specific combinations of programming models and the interoperability challenges which these will present on the exascale systems of the near future. We have also produced a brief Best Practice Guide for Minimising Gender Bias in HPC Training, which is equally applicable to training in most other fields too.

Find out more and download the Best Practice Guides.

Peer-reviewed journal publications and conference presentations

Work carried out in the INTERTWinE project has been presented in a number of journal publications and conference presentations. We also produced a White Paper on a 2-day Exascale Applications Workshop,

Find out more and download the available publications and posters.

Project deliverables

Our project deliverables explain the motivation for the work carried out in the project, and provide updates on our progress. Among these documents is a report on the API recommendations presented to the respective standardisation bodies, definitions of the Directory/Cache API and Resource Manager API which the project is developing, and a report on the highlights of the co-design aspects, with specific reference to the partners’ applications/kernels.

Find out more and download the project deliverables

Articles in online media

The work done in the INTERTWinE project has featured in a number of online articles produced by different organisations.

Discover online articles, podcasts and videos about the INTERTWinE project and exascale computing.

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