INTERTWinE collaborative research visit

05 Sep 2016
Professor from Spain visits KTH (Stockholm) for one-month collaborative research visit in framework of INTERTWinE project.

Prof. Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí, from Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain), carried out a one-month collaborative research visit to the Department of Computational Science and Technology at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) to work with Dr. Roman Iakymchuk in the framework of the INTERTWinE project.

Enrique says:

"During my visit, Roman and I could analyse together how to integrate parallel MPI+OmpSs codes for the iterative solution of sparse linear systems into iPIC3D (a three-dimensional code for multi-scale simulations of plasma via the implicit Particle-in-Cell method from KTH).  The iterative solvers have been developed by UJI as part of their task for INTERTWinE, and IPIC3D is the reference application that KTH contributes to the project. The goal is to go beyond a simple integration, by proposing new manners to improve the efficiency of this solver by, e.g., relying on reduced precision arithmetic, searching for application-specific preconditioners that can accelerate the process, and/or implementing communication-avoiding iterative schemes".

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