Best Practice Guide to Program Hybrid MPI + OpenMP

30 Mar 2017
Another new Best Practice Guide has been published by INTERTWinE - this time discussing hybrid MPI + OpenMP Programming.

Hybrid application programs using MPI + OpenMP are now commonplace on large HPC systems. This Best Practice Guide describes:

  • the main motivations for using this combination of programming models, and why and how these potential benefits can be realized in application codes;
  • the possible downsides of MPI + OpenMP programs, covering software engineering issues and performance pitfalls;
  • the technical details of thread support in the MPI library;
  • five different styles of MPI + OpenMP program and their relative advantages and disadvantages;
  • some best practice tips for developers of hybrid MPI + OpenMP applications.

To find out more, read the Best Practice Guide to Hybrid MPI + OpenMP Programming now.

Last updated: 24 Apr 2017 at 10:16