Supercomputing, art and human priorities

01 Feb 2017
An update on the Future Emerging Art and Technology artists' residency.

The EC-funded FEAT Project - Future Emerging Art and Technology - has brought INTERTWinE together with Slovenian artists Špela Petrič and Miha Turšič for an artists' residency on the subject of exascale computing.

Špela and Miha have backgrounds in natural sciences and have a particular interest in researching the subjective, context-dependent value of scientific knowledge, and in the study of the human condition in relation to the non-human.

Špela and Miha and INTERTWinE Project Manager George Beckett met up in September in Linz, Austria, for the Ars Electronica Festival, an annual gathering of artists, scientists and technologists, intended as "a setting for experimentation, evaluation and reinvention".

In an interview with Annick Bureaud, Špela, Miha and George discuss supercomputing in relation to the FEAT residency, focusing on the place of collaboration between art and science, and how a focus on humans is at the centre of their priorities.

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