19 Nov 2018
Final project results presented at SC18.

The INTERTWinE project may have finished at the end of September, but SC18 gave us an opportunity to present our final results to a wide audience.

Nick Brown (EPCC) gave a booth presentation on the important advances in solving interoperability problems between parallel programming APIs which have come out of the INTERTWinE project. The slides from this presentation can be found at

Nick also gave a talk, Driving Asynchronous Distributed Tasks, discussing the INTERTWinE work carried out in the context of a PRACE mini-project, as part of the 4th Workshop for Open Source Supercomputing (OpenSuCo). He also contributed to a panel session at the same workshop.

Meanwhile, Xavier Teruel of BSC gave a booth presentation giving a 20-minute Introduction to the OmpSs-2 programming model, which is one of the APIs on which INTERTWinE has focused its efforts.

Finally, Christian Simmendinger (T-Systems SfR) and Roman Iakymchuk (KTH) contributed INTERTWinE-related perspectives to a talk, Efficient Algorithms for Collective Operations with Notified Communication in Shared Windows, presented at PAW-ATM (Parallel Applications Workshop, Alternatives To MPI).

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