New deliverables online

19 Nov 2018
New draft deliverables summarising some of the final findings of the project are now available.

New draft deliverables for each technical workpackage of the INTERTWinE project are now available. These report on the final status of the work done and summarise the final conclusions for each workpackage (WP3: Programming Model Interoperability, WP4: Resource Management and WP5: Runtime Interoperability, and Applications and Kernels).

(Please note that the versions of these deliverables which are currently available on the website have been submitted to the EC, but have still to be approved by the project reviewers. The final versions will be made available at a later date).

D3.3 describes changes in standard and the implementations necessary to support the interoperability between programming models and task-based runtime systems. This description is formulated from the perspective of the respective standard bodies and implementation owners of the programming models and task-based runtimes. The main results are: Interoperability between GASPI and flat MPI code; Interoperability between GASPI and flat MPI code; Resource Manager; Communication Interoperability libraries between OmpSs and MPI/GASPI; Interoperability of MPI with threads and tasks; Interoperability between PaRSEC and OpenMP; Interface to the Directory/Cache service.

This deliverable summarises the work done with the Resource Manager (RM), the Directory/Cache (D/C) and the Task-Aware MPI (TAMPI) library. It provides a description and evaluation of the Resource Manager APIs, which have been implemented in the StarPU, OmpSs-2 and Intel OpenMP runtimes. It also explains and evaluates the Directory/Cache APIs and their integration with the different runtime systems.

This final deliverable in WP5 is focused on studying various API combinations in applications/ kernels and focuses on applying developments in WP3 on APIs like GASPI-SHAN and WP4 on the Resource Manager and the TAMPI library to tackle interoperability issues. Following the prioritised APIs combinations, we have grouped our efforts accordingly and collated the findings, lessons learnt, and reflections/ analysis into a set of INTERTWinE Resource Packs.

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