Articles in online and printed media

The work done in the INTERTWinE project has featured in a number of online articles and printed media produced by different organisations.

FEAT-related articles

The project's involvement in the FEAT (Future Emerging Art and Technology) art/science collaboration project led to a number of online articles, in which the general concept of INTERTWinE was discussed:

FEAT exhibitions:

LifeSpace Exhibition, Dundee (UK), 13 April - 17 June, 2017:

Bozar Exhibtion, Brussels (Belgium), 14-30 September 2017: Flyer for this event:

Ars Electronica, Linz (Austria), 7-11 September 2017, including FEAT Final Symposium Panel Discussion, 9 September 2017 Interview with FEAT co-orindator Erich Prem:

Plus, additionally:

Performance of becoming.a(thing), Škuc Gallery (Slovenia), as part of the exhibition Liminal Agents, 14 October 2017:

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